Sadie perches on a 'new' building after a nest switch - April 15th, 2016

The Washington Square Park Hawk egg(s) should hatch any second now so I spent a good while in the park today to see if there were any signs of such. 

Sadie was still tucked down low in the nest bowl and even though I saw her get up briefly to preen, she then looked to be rolling the eggs before settling right back down in the bowl again. She did not make any feeding motions. 

A White-throated Sparrow was sitting out on its own in an empty bench area:

I was worried it might be sickly but it turned out to be having a sun nap:

It hopped up and around the seating then got cover in the brush:

 Another sparrow in a different section of the park gathered some nest material:

Sadie getting up for a preen:

I had already been at the park for a couple of hours and was making my last walk through the park when Bobby showed up!

He entered the nest 7 minutes after I initially spotted him:

Sadie out:

She circled around the west-side buildings before going south and out of the park.

She landed on a perch I'd never seen her on before. She was on one of the NYU housing buildings at what's called Silver Towers. (Edit: A friend informed me that the building is no longer part of Silver Towers and is in fact a separate co-op now). The complex is located along Houston and LaGuardia Streets. 

That area is only three blocks south of the park but it's a long three blocks.

She was on the building to the left of the name "Wooster St":

Here's a shot of her building with the library on the left:

She settled in for a few minutes and preened her back and wings. She looked like she was having a nice time in the sun. The building is quite tall so I'm sure she could see all around her quite well.

She disappeared while I was double-checking my camera settings. I searched around for her but didn't find her.