Sadie preens in the nest, Chinatown female Hawk death - April 1st, 2016

I hadn't planned on Hawking today but there was a break in the rainy weather and I wanted to check on the Hawks so off I went to Washington Square Park.

Sadie was preening in the nest:

I waited half an hour for Bobby to appear. I think I saw him flying toward the park from the east but the bird was so far away, I could not be sure.

Another 40 minutes went by with no Bobby. He might have been around but unseen because I was keeping fairly close to the nest in the hopes of seeing a nest switch. I had to leave so I hope to see him soon.


I had learned earlier in the day from Goggla's site that a female Red-tailed Hawk from a Chinatown nesting pair has died. It is heart-breaking news; especially since it is highly probable that the female had been poisoned by rodenticide. Here is a link to the post but be warned that it is a distressing post.