Adult Hawks fly together, Sadie pals with the baby - May 16th, 2016

Both adult Washington Square Hawks made multiple nest visits today. There was a fascinating moment when they flew close together before perching separately. The baby Hawk got up from the nest bowl for a couple of minutes to have a stretch and hang out with mom. 

There were no adult Hawks in sight when I arrived at the park so I went to the western trees to look for either one there.

I found Bobby hanging out above a pigeon flock:

He relaxed for 25 minutes before going to a new tree:


He was off again after 2 minutes:


He and Sadie then circled the sky above the square together. They flew together right before descending to separate perches. Sadie flew to one of the Education Building antennas and Bobby flew toward the trees.

Bobby then went to the nest. Sadie flew in not long afterward: 

Peering into the nest:

Bobby left and flew south:

The baby stretched its wings and stood up:

Sadie stayed at the nest for 4 minutes before flying about the eastern side of the park.

A fellow Hawk-watcher and I went looking for her. We noticed she was back in the nest after a few minutes:

Back out:

A female American Redstart was flitting from branch to branch before I left the park for the day: