Double post! Hawk photos from May 21st & May 23rd - 2016

I was entertaining out of town guests this weekend so here is a combo post of photos from Saturday's and today's Washington Square Park Hawk outings.

It was a cloudy and rainy day on Saturday but all the Hawks were doing well.

Sadie was at the nest the whole time of my visit, sticking close to the baby. You can just make out the black wing tips to the right of mom in the photo below:

Bobby was nearby, on a lower Silver Center railing: 

It began to rain lightly. The baby stood up after a while:

Bobby spent the shower time washing himself:

It started to rain harder so I and my companions left for the day.


Today's sightings were more dramatic. Sadie was circling above the western side of the park when I arrived.

She soon landed on one of the decorative urns atop a building along the park:

She couldn't stay long though because a Blue Jay was in hot pursuit:

She flew to the flag pole closest to the nest:

She then made her way to One Fifth Avenue a few minutes later:

She settled in and preened in the sunshine:

I didn't see Bobby and the baby was not visible at the time but a fellow Hawk-watcher watched the baby sun itself mid-ledge earlier in the day.