Hawk baby gets doted on, steamy weather has commenced - May 27th, 2016

It's gotten hot and steamy the last few days in NYC. The Washington Square Park Hawk family are sticking close together. Sadie and Bobby visit the Hawk baby fairly regularly. 

Sadie was atop NYU's Silver Center water tower when I arrived at the park today. She was looking right toward the nest:

Bobby was nowhere to be seen at first. He appeared on Silver in the minute it took me to walk to the other side of the park:

Sadie on the water tower above him:

I brought another camera with me to take a wider shot of the park. I know the photo below is pretty awful but you can see the distance between the Silver Center building and the nest building (the red stone building on the right):

A puddle on the lawn provided for a nice watering hole:

Bobby flew south out of the park then returned and entered the nest. I think he might have brought some food bits:

He left the nest then perched on a different section of Silver.

Sadie then flew to the nest after a few minutes:

The two spent several minutes picking at food in front of the window.

Picking at mama:

Watching a contented rustle:

My turn!

Another gentle pick:

The baby's wings have a way to go before their maiden flight:

Bobby circled above the northern side of the park before flying southwest. Mom and baby watched his flying.

It was getting steamy and the baby looked like it was panting:

Sadie picked up the food remnant and left the ledge after nearly an hour of hanging out with the babe:

She brought it to a favorite building a block southwest from the park:

It's been a regular perch spot for her for ages. She took a break from perching there when incubating the nest but has taken back to perching there now that the baby is bigger.