One Hawk baby for Washington Square? - May 14th, 2016

I saw both Washington Square Park Hawk adults and one Hawk baby in the nest today. It appears there's only been one baby hatched from the three eggs this season which is quite unfortunate.

I haven't seen more than one little Hawk so far and neither have my fellow Hawk-watchers who visit on my 'days off'. I was holding off on mentioning this until I had had another chance to observe the nest (I'd only seen the one baby once before and was holding out hope that the others may have been sleeping at the time). However the little Hawk looks to be doing quite well so far.

Bobby flew from flag pole to flag pole at the start of my visit today:

Sadie flew by and headed north:

Bobby flew to the nest a few minutes later:

He fed the Hawk baby (babies?) for a long while. 

 The park was full of people enjoying the beautiful weather:


I saw Bobby in the nest for 40 minutes.

I took a short break from Hawking to get some coffee and when I returned I couldn't be sure if Bobby (or Sadie) was either tucked in the nest or on a break again. The baby was up and preening and biting at a nest stick though:

I saw one of the adults circling the northwestern corner of the park then beyond while I was headed out of the park.