Fledgling doing well, Bobby gets bullied by Mockingbirds - June 19th, 2016

A friend saw the Washington Square fledgling last night and this morning but I was not so lucky today. I knew generally where it was hanging out but it was tucked out of sight during my whole visit. However I did see Bobby and Sadie doing well.




Bobby and Sadie circled high above the park together for a couple of minutes. Bobby up higher:

Another pass:

They both then flew several blocks south of the park. I looked for them but couldn't figure out where they went.

Bobby reappeared in the park 40 minutes later, landing on One Fifth Avenue: 

He settled down to rest:

It didn't take long for a Mockingbird to show up and dive-bomb him:

Another Mockingbird showed up and seemed to get into a tussle with the other Mockingbird:

Back to the bullying business:

Its partner watched from above:

Bobby had enough. He took off, Mockingbirds in hot pursuit:

I lost where he flew to so I wrapped it up for the day after looking for the fledgling one last time.