Fledgling expands his fly zone - June 24th, 2016

A fellow Hawk-watcher saw the fledgling flying further east than ever this morning. He expanded his flying by one extra block east from Washington Square Park. It doesn't sound like much but he's obviously more confident and open to exploring more.

I was thinking how confident this fledgling is compared to some of the previous broods. He had one day of trouble but overall he's doing great and is maturing rapidly. 

He didn't engage in the back-and-forth flying between two buildings and repeatedly trying to climb up windows as fledglings from earlier years did. Instead he's been flying directly in straight flights.

I visited the park for close to two hours today but didn't see any of the Hawks. Neither did a friend in the early evening (but had seen the fledgling in the morning). This weekend should bring some sightings though.

It's fun spotting bird nests on buildings:

I thought it was pretty funny when I saw a House Finch pair sitting on a fire escape Bobby and Rosie would roost at some evenings (since Finches seem to enjoy palling around near the Hawks):