Fledgling gets in a jam, is rescued and released! - June 16th, 2016

The Washington Square Park Hawk fledgling got trapped in an NYU building early this morning. A fellow Hawk-watcher saw it all happen.

The fledgling managed to crawl under some netting at an NYU building balcony. It was not able to find its way back out and got stuck. 

So my friend alerted me, NYU security, and a Park Ranger who helps with Hawk rescues about the problem. I called Bobby Horvath of WINORR (Wildlife in Need of Rescue and Rehabilitation) and he was immediately on the case. He headed over from Long Island to come to the park and rescue the fledgling.

The rescue and release went off pretty much without a hitch. If it hadn't been for the devoted Hawk-watcher and one particular NYU security officer who went the extra mile to help, no one would have known what to do to help the Hawk so thank goodness for them! 

I rushed over to the park and waited with my friend for Bobby Horvath to arrive. 

The fledgling resting in his confinement space:

Hawk parents Bobby and Sadie circled over the fledgling's building. Bobby brought food at one point:

He landed on the fledgling's roof with it:

He and Sadie then moved to a roof adjacent to the building. Bobby looking in the fledgling's direction:

Bobby flying past the fledgling:

Bobby Horvath arrived and we entered the building with security's consent. Bobby captured the fledgling and placed it in its carrier.

Checking on the little fellah:

Bobby confirmed that the Hawk is a male.

We brought the fledgling to one of NYU's lower buildings for the release. This building was a good choice because it was a 'comfortable' height for the fledgling to fly from and it had been on that building before so we hoped the familiarity with the roof would be helpful.

I had the honor and privilege of being permitted to hold and set the fledgling down on the roof.

His back was to me as I set him down but when I let go of him he immediately spun around to face me.

We all stood back and waited for the fledgling to move about and leave.

He got his bearings and climbed on different perches, making his way to the roof railing:

He cried for mom and dad a few times:

He cried a couple of more times before leaping off the railing:

We rushed to the railing to see where he might have gone. I spotted him in a tree outside the library:

He spent no more than 10 minutes on the roof before flying away.

It might have been the fledgling's first time in a tree. He had to struggle to get his footing a couple of times but overall he appeared to do well in the tree top:

A Blue Jay harassed him for a minute but then left him alone.

I stayed near his tree for a few hours to see if he would move to a building or reunite with Bobby and Sadie but I did not see them again before I left for the day.

My friend returned to the park after work and spotted Sadie on a regular perch at the eastern side of the park but didn't see the fledgling. However tomorrow's another day and hopefully we'll find him soon and that he'll stay out of trouble!

Thanks again to everyone who helped with today's rescue!