Gusty day jump flaps - June 12th, 2016

It was quite gusty today (with winds up to 15mph) and the Washington Square Park Hawk baby had some high-flying jump flaps in the nest this evening.

Bobby and Sadie were seated together on One Fifth Avenue when I arrived:

Bobby dropped some food off then immediately flew back out of the nest:

He returned to the nest a few minutes later then was back out in a flash:

The sunset's rays gave him a beautiful red glow:

Sadie landed on the ledge next and stayed with the baby while it ate:

She then swooped out of the nest, circled the eastern side of the park, then disappeared from view.
I stayed and watched as the baby then stood in the nest, preened, played with some of the material in the nest, then stood close to the wall. I left as soon as it got a bit too dark to photograph.