Hawk baby does mini mighty jump flaps - June 1st, 2016

I finally got to see the Washington Square Park Hawk baby do some jump-flapping. It seems a little bit behind the curve developmentally (as compared to past broods) so seeing the hops was pretty exciting.

Mama Hawk was watching the baby closely from Silver:

Bobby was on a nearby flag pole at the time.

He and Sadie eventually flew off their perches and circled above the western side of the park.


She looked like she was hunting:

Bobby in the background:

Bobby flew above a southern building, turned on a dime, tipped into a vertical dive, and plucked a pigeon from the roof:

I'm not sure what happened during the next photo. He jumped with a start and I wonder if maybe he dropped the pigeon. I couldn't tell from my angle but he did all of a sudden stop plucking and flew away:

He flew over the western trees, returned above the park, then landed on One Fifth Avenue:


The little tyke still has lots of wing gaps:

The jump-flapping took place for several minutes.

Time to relax and preen:

The babe tucked into the corner and settled down so I left for the day.