Hawk family doing well, baby still not fledged as of 1:30PM - June 10th, 2016

I spotted Sadie atop a hunting perch behind the library when I approached Washington Square Park today:

Worker on the lower left:

I then went to have a look at the baby but couldn't see it in the nest or on the ledge. A fellow Hawk-watcher had reported seeing it still on the ledge a couple of hours earlier so I moved to different angles to try to find it. I saw it lying quite low at the back of the ledge, resting.

One of the parents was on One Fifth Avenue but I couldn't tell which Hawk it was.

I found Sadie on a new perch (NYU's Education Building) half an hour later:

She circled around then flew behind NYU's Silver Center:

The baby finally got up 15 minutes later and had a few jump hops:

It didn't travel too far down the ledge:

It then stood in the nest and preened and looked out over the park. There was a snack in the nest so the little Hawk ate it for several minutes.

It tucked into the back corner of the window half an hour later and laid down low.

Bobby flew in from the northeast to join Sadie atop One Fifth Avenue:

It was the lull part of the day and all the Hawks settled down in their respective places so I left the park.