Hawk family reunited, life settles into normalcy - June 17th, 2016

The Washington Square Park Red-tailed Hawk family is together again and seemingly settling back into normalcy.

A fellow Hawk-watcher observed amazing behavior earlier in the day. All three Hawks were circling above the park square together. Mom and babe were circling close above the fountain together. Bobby was soaring much higher in the sky above them. 

It was a much quieter scene when I visited the park today. The fledgling was sitting on a corner of NYU's Pless building (the same building he was released on yesterday).

He would walk along the edge of the gutter a little bit. He reminded me of Pip and the day I saw her walking along the gutter.

Bobby appeared an hour and a half later. He tucked in and sped like a bullet, swooping over the park and to the other corner of Pless:

He ate atop the regular 'dinner table'. A Mockingbird was not too thrilled and bumped him a few times:

I did not see where he went but noted that Sadie was watching the whole scene from NYU's Silver Center:

She circled above the eastern side of the park before heading southwest.

The fledgling resumed preening and resting:

I left while the fledgling was tucked in.