Mild hop flaps, mom and baby tuck in separately - June 7th, 2016

I visited Washington Square Park for 3 1/2 hours today so I could have more chances to observe the little Hawk's jump-flapping progress.

The babe did trot back and forth quickly along the ledge a few times and exercised its wings but didn't do that much hopping.

Its wings are still pretty gappy:

It then stood in the nest for a long while before settling down at the back of the ledge.

I left the park to get a snack and spotted Bobby atop the northeast corner of One Fifth Avenue:

Sadie landed next to him seconds later:

She tucked in toward the back of the ledge:

The baby must have been napping because it didn't reappear over the next hour.

Bobby was still up and alert though:


A fellow Hawk-watcher checked in later in the early evening and reported the baby doing lots of jump flaps, a snack in the nest, then having a few more jump flaps before settling down again.