Quiet Hawk visit. Baby on the ledge, parents circle about - June 11th, 2016

The Washington Square Park Red-tailed Hawk baby is looking more grown up each day. 

It continues to mostly jump flap halfway across the ledge rather than all the way across the ledge while its wings' feathers fill out. 

Delightful new view:

Surveying the world:


A friend noted both Hawk parents circling northeast of the park and/or landing on One Fifth Avenue but not much else was going on during our visit which was just fine with us. A quiet, drama-free Hawk day is a good Hawk day!

The Hawk baby hop-flapped a few times before tucking in low below the window. The parents disappeared so we left the park. 

I've been meaning to share the good news that all of the Tompkins Square Park Hawk babies have fledged successfully!