The fledgling cavorts in the park trees - June 27th, 2016

It turns out the fledgling has been hanging out in the Washington Square Park trees the last couple of days. A park regular told a fellow Hawk-watcher that the fledgling was in the trees yesterday.

This morning I caught up with my friend who'd been watching the fledgling perch in the same tree for an hour and a half. My friend saw him getting briefly harassed by Blue Jays and visited by a squirrel.

I watched as the fledgling spent his time watching pigeons, squirrels, starlings, and sparrows on the ground below.

He stretched a few times and flew from branch for the hour and a half I watched him. He then flew to NYU's Silver Center building where he promptly plopped down to rest.

He sometimes looked adorable and at other times more dinosaur-y: