Washington Square Hawk baby gets a meal then jump flaps with gusto - June 13th, 2016

I didn't see any of the Washington Square Park Red-tailed Hawks for several minutes at first today.

Bobby then flew overhead toting food. He circled then zipped into the nest. Sadie flew in right after him.

Bobby after leaving the nest:

Mama Hawk stayed in the nest:

She then cut the food and beak-fed the babe (you can see the kid's beak on the left):

Feeding time lasted around 40 minutes.

Sadie then flew out of the nest and circled above the eastern side of the park:

Jump flap time:

Sadie was atop One Fifth Avenue:


The jump-flapping, resting, then jump-flapping lasted about 45 minutes. The baby then settled down to rest again.

Sadie keeping watch:

I saw Bobby on one of NYU's flag poles while I was leaving the park. He was gone by the time I moved to a different spot from which to photograph him.

A fellow Hawk-watcher visited the park a little while later (shortly before sunset) and observed similar nest/ledge activity.

As an aside, the email delivery service I use (Feedburner) has been buggy lately and posts haven't been getting delivered at the correct times. I'll try to sort that out. I usually publish my posts anywhere between 7PM - 11PM EST so if you check my blog after 11PM and don't see a new post chances are I didn't go Hawking that day. :)