Following the fledgling all around the park - July 9th, 2016

The Washington Square Park fledgling was chock full of energy when a friend and I visited today.

He flew from tree to tree all around the park. He dove to the ground a few times, narrowly missing squirrels. He was getting lots of practice and is sure to catch prey soon if he hasn't already.

He cried often as he flew about. One of the adult Hawks flew past him and into a tree once. The fledgling followed the adult to the tree before resuming tree-hopping.

Sadie appeared and sat on a southwestern building for a while. We weren't sure which adult had flown into the tree so I can't say if we saw Bobby or not.

I took a bunch of photos today but I'm just going to post the ones I liked the most or thought were most interesting:


Looking at a squirrel that was taunting him:


Landing on the arch:

All settled down for a long preen: