Following the fledgling on a steamy day - July 17th, 2016

We've had a hazy heat wave over the last several days which deterred my Hawking. I tend to get woozy in that kind of weather so apologies for the extended Hawk break.

Fellow Hawk-watchers have seen the Washington Square Park Hawk family doing well.

I saw one of the adult Hawks circling a block south of the park but didn't have my camera ready at the time. It was gone by the time I got closer.

I caught up with the fledgling this morning on the east side:

He flew right across the park square and into the western trees:

Some Blue Jays were bothering him so he escaped them by flying to the park arch:

Up to the top:

Off after a minute:

A Red House Finch flew near and landed by the Hawk (as usual!). The Finches seem to enjoy the Hawks. I've never seen them dive-bomb or bother them.

The fledgling walked along the window ledge to the corner:

He cried a couple of times and then took off southward (crying as he flew):

I looked for him and to see if he was following an adult but didn't find any Hawks after that.