Flag pole lookout - August 25th, 2016

A fellow Hawk-watcher spotted one of the adult Washington Square Park Hawks atop an eastern building flag pole this morning.

I caught up with the Hawk within an hour. I think it was Sadie:

She sat and looked all around for 15 minutes:

She was then off like a shot southward:

 She beat the plane to the next block:

I tried finding her in the usual southern perches/areas but she disappeared on me. 

I looked through the park trees for a while to see if Bobby was around but I didn't see him so I called it a day.

Sadie snacks on One Fifth - August 22nd, 2016

A fellow Hawk-watcher spotted mama Sadie atop One Fifth Avenue while I was looking for the Washington Square Park Hawks in the trees. 

We watched as she ate for half an hour:

Wiping up:

She flew north and out of sight. We looked for her for several minutes but didn't find her.

My friend had seen Bobby and Sadie circling over the park together yesterday which was lovely.

High rise Hawkery - August 18th, 2016

A friend and I watched one of the Washington Square Park Red-tailed Hawks perched high above the rest of the buildings a few blocks south of the park.

You could barely see who I think might have been Sadie in the distance (Bobst Library and location of the nest on the left):

Her location in relation to the park (red arrow pointing out her building):

 View from further north in the park:

We looked through the trees for the other adult Hawk but didn't find it (or the fledgling). But we got another good look at the perched Hawk from the west side of the park: 

The Alexander Lyman Holley Monument was spiffed up with some nice flowers:

An hour with mama Hawk - August 15th, 2016

A fellow Hawk-watcher and I watched mama Sadie relax during a sun bath for an hour this morning. Sadie was seated near her favorite satellite dish on 3rd Street. 

She jumped off her perch after an hour and headed due west toward 6th Avenue. We looked for her for a few minutes but soon called off the search due to the heat and humidity and the knowledge that she could be anywhere.

Seen beyond the park fountain and the Judson Memorial Church tower:

My friend has seen both Bobby and Sadie over the last few days but not the fledgling (not definitively anyway since sometimes the lighting or angles make identification difficult).

At last! A full Hawk visit - August 8th, 2016

I visited Washington Square Park for a couple of hours on Saturday and saw no Hawks but today was totally different. I finally got to spend a solid two hours with Bobby and Sadie.

A fellow Hawk-watcher has seen Sadie and Bobby a few times over the last several days which was great news. The fledgling might have been one of the Hawks too. There was no sign of the fledgling during my visit today. 

I first heard Sadie calling out over and over as she circled above the park:

There happened to be a nice big stick mysteriously lying on the ground by the arch which made me wonder if one of the Hawks dropped it there:

Sadie landed on a regular northwestern building. She was first harassed by Kestrels and then by a pair of Mockingbirds:

She had her eyes closed as though she were trying to have a nap:

She landed on a southern building then flew to the street one block south of the park.

I searched for her and didn't find her but did spot Bobby on a regular dinner table lamp when I returned to the park. He had a pigeon kill with him:

Sadie reappeared and circled overhead, calling out again. Bobby watched her then started eating:

His meal lasted 20 minutes.

Cleaning up:

He flew into the park trees.

A Blue Jay immediately set upon him and yelled and dive-bombed him a few times but he was unmoved:

Happy shake:

He flew to another tree before flying to the Hangman's Elm at the northwestern corner of the park:

He didn't get much rest in the new tree because a pair of Mockingbirds bothered him. They squawked and dive-bombed him several times. 

His tree was below the building where Sadie was being bothered by a pair of Mockingbirds so it might have been the same pair!

Bobby took to the sky after 25 minutes of the abuse and circled above the western side of the park. He is molting quite a bit:

I soon lost sight of him so I wrapped it up for the day.