Bobby at bedtime - September 22nd, 2016

Tonight was the first time I've laid my eyes on Bobby since August 8th so I was pretty happy to see him tonight. A fellow Hawk-watcher had seen him about but this was the first time for me since then.

He was on the Judson Memorial Church cross when I arrived at Washington Square Park:

He relaxed on his perch for 20 minutes then flew east toward NYU's Education Building:

The sun had set and it got darker and darker. He flew off his antenna after 15 minutes:

He looked like he was going to land at the back of NYU's Silver Center to roost. A fellow Hawk-watcher and I looked for him for several minutes but we didn't get to see where he tucked in. He was pretty hop-scotchy so it's possible the Silver Center was not his final destination for the evening.

George Washington at War at the park arch.