New views of Hawk perches, Sadie's sunset bath - September 15th, 2016

NYU's Silver Center's new water tower is coming along nicely:

I searched throughout Washington Square Park for the Red-tailed Hawks but wasn't finding them. 

I was a few blocks north of the park when I took this view of the Bobst Library (where the Hawk nest is) and One World Trade in the background:

Three of the Hawks' perches were nicely aligned: The red Bobst Library in front, the wire heat vent atop the silver structure a block south of the library, and the water tower a few blocks further south:

That distant water tower is one of the Hawks' new southern perches. Here it is in relation to the park (located at the top of the map):

I had looked for the Hawks for almost 2 hours without a sighting. They are really taking advantage of this babyless period and enjoying longer excursions away from the park. :)

A fellow Hawk-watcher did spot who we think was Sadie on a regular perch north of the park this evening and saw Bobby atop his night perch last night.