Sadie sun bath and Air Force flyover - September 2nd, 2016

I was in Washington Square Park for a little over an hour with a fellow Hawk-watcher this morning looking for the Red-tailed Hawks.

We didn't see them during the time I was in the park but my friend did spot mama Sadie having a sun bath on her regular perch a block south of the park later.

Nice 'rainbow' in the park fountain (lots of people noticed and took photos themselves):

Here comes the flyby:

The Air Force was having a preplanned photo session over Manhattan. 

My friend last saw Bobby on Sunday so he's still around as well. I checked my past posts and just realized I haven't personally laid eyes on Bobby since August 8th. That is far too long!

I visited the park on Tuesday but didn't see either of the Hawks. I didn't take photos of anything noteworthy so I decided not to post that day.