Con Edison tower Red-tailed Hawk - October 17th, 2016

I spent about an hour and a half looking for the Washington Square Park Red-tailed Hawks today.

I took a photo of the Con Ed tower, a regular Hawk perch, but didn't see a Hawk on the tippy top so I kept moving. I had a nagging feeling I should take a look at the base of the tower as well but ignored myself if you know what I mean. 

Well wouldn't you know, when I looked at my tower photo at home I scrolled down to see one of the Hawks sitting at the base of the tower, dazzling in the sunlight:

Lesson learned. I did see a large bird circling over the block east of the park about half an hour later but I quickly lost sight of it and couldn't be sure if it was one of the Hawks. 

More trees are yellowing as Autumn deepens (even though it's going to be 80 degrees in the city tomorrow):

A fellow Hawk-watcher did see both Bobby and Sadie perching and flying together on Saturday so all seems well.