Following Sadie's hopscotchery and 'secret' perch discovered - October 30th, 2016

A fellow Hawk-watcher has seen both Washington Square Park Red-tailed Hawks over the last few days. 

They saw Sadie sitting at her regular NYU Law School dorm ladder perch earlier this morning.

Mama Sadie Hawk was the first Hawk I saw when I was at the park today. She flew right to the new NYU Silver Center water tower. This building is along the eastern side of the park:

She flew to the nearby flag pole 2 minutes later:

She rested for 7 minutes then flew south over Bobst Library (the location of the nest). 

I went looking for her. A Hawk landed on the building across the street from me a few minutes later:

I thought it was Sadie at first but when I looked closer at my photos at home I became convinced that this Hawk was Bobby due to his markings and the fact that his wings are fuller whereas Sadie is missing a couple of feathers.

Bobby flew off his perch after 5 minutes then traveled further southwest:

I couldn't find where he went so I retraced my steps and looked at Sadie's Law School ladder and there was Sadie, just like she was earlier this morning and so many other times:

I watched her sun for 3 minutes until she dropped down lower:

I was pretty astonished to discover that she was on a water tower barely visible from 3rd Street (the street one block south of the park). You had to be at the right angle to see her:

I walked down her side street to see if I could get a better view of her but it was impossible due to the height of the other buildings obscuring her. 

A fellow Hawk-watcher joined me and looked to see if Sadie was visible from the street west of her but wasn't able to see her from angles there either. 

Sadie jumped off her perch after 18 minutes:

We searched for her for a little while but had to tend to our own errands so we left after a fruitless search. 

But what a delight to find this previously unknown perch!