Kestrel dive-bombs and a few seconds with a Hawk - October 6th, 2016

I walked around and through Washington Square Park for a bit today but wasn't finding the Red-tailed Hawks.

There was a flock of pigeons enjoying one of the natural puddle baths on an eastern park lawn:

Flowers were quite dewy:

I heard a Kestrel yelling at something and dive-bombing a target but I wasn't able to see the cause of the commotion. I assumed the Kestrel was dive-bombing one of the Hawks but the building angles made it so I couldn't see.

I caught up with the Kestrel sitting on an antenna near where it was dive-bombing (over the buildings across the northern border of the park):

I had to leave the park but was lucky to see one of the adult Red-tailed Hawks circling overhead as I walked along 5th Avenue and 13th Street half an hour later:

I watched until buildings obscured my view as it circled toward the east. I looked all around for it but didn't see it again.