Two days of brief Sadie sightings - October 20th & 24th

I saw Sadie briefly on Thursday the 20th and today.

On the 20th I first spotted her circling above the street a couple of blocks north of Washington Square Park:

She then tucked her wings in a bit and flew overhead and southeast:

The sighting lasted less than five minutes. I looked for her but didn't see her again.


Today's outing was more successful. I spotted Sadie on a favorite perch outside the southwest corner of the park:

She was not on the building when I had arrived at the park half an hour earlier. I noticed pigeons panicking overhead when I was searching for the Hawks in the trees so I had a hunch a raptor was nearby but I didn't see her until I was in the open park square.

She sat and preened. The sky would go from sunny to cloudy and she'd turn her head toward the sun when the clouds cleared:

Pigeons circling above the square: 

She flew off her perch 10 minutes after I first saw her. She flew close to other building perches along the west side of the park before flying past One Fifth and continuing northeast.

I spent a while searching for her but that was that for the day.