Extended visit with Bobby and Sadie - November 10th, 2016

I visited Washington Square Park on the 8th but didn't see any Hawks but today was much luckier.

I first saw Bobby in a regular tree at the western side of the park:


I had been watching him for 15 minutes when all of a sudden the pigeon flocks starting going crazy, not settling down to land anywhere. That's usually a good sign a raptor was around. 

I didn't see one circling but noticed Bobby looking very interested in something east of us. It was then that I looked and spotted a newly-arrived Sadie on NYU's Silver Center:

Pigeons were still trying to sort out where to go:

They eventually settled down in and near Bobby's tree. He preened and stretched over 45 minutes before moving to a more westerly tree:

Bobby left the park after several more minutes so I went over to Sadie to have a look at her:

Bobby appeared and landed on the flag pole next to her 10 minutes later:

A raptor soared above and past them at one point. It was quite high in the sky but I was pretty sure it was another Red-tail. It looked like it was just passing by.

Bobby flew off while I was taking a picture of Sadie. He had been with her for 20 minutes.

Sadie then flew off and circled east of the park before disappearing:

I saw Bobby approach a regular perch a few blocks north of the park 10 minutes later. He approached from the east:

I saw Sadie circle near him but she vanished.

I watched Bobby for another 20 minutes before I left for the day.