Raptor-filled day - November 16th, 2016

Today was a pretty good raptor-spotting day at Washington Square Park. I saw our two Red-tailed Hawks, Kestrels, and a juvenile Red-tail.

I found the first raptors by following Blue Jays' distress calls. Sadie and a harassing Kestrel were circling above the western side of the park:

She flew behind and past One Fifth Avenue (one of the Hawks' favorite buildings) a couple minutes later:

I looked along several blocks for her and finally spotted her at a building along Broadway and 8th Street:

I had seen Bobby and Sadie (and Rosie in the past) circling the street above this building in the past but this was the first time I ever saw one of the Hawks perched on it.

She jumped off and flew in my direction a minute later:

She headed toward the park:

I didn't see where she went by the time I got there. I did see a Kestrel circling about one section but I couldn't see if it was near one of the Hawks or not:

Bobby appeared north of the park nearly 15 minutes later:

He flew behind and past One Fifth Avenue like Sadie did earlier.

I saw a Red-tail soaring and circling very high in the sky a few seconds after I lost sight of Bobby so I assumed it was him. 

I realized it was a juvenile Red-tail after I got home and looked closer at my pictures. That was ok though; the pictures were pretty terrible considering it was so high and my lens can only capture so much.  


Sadie appeared not long after the juvie flew south of the park. She flew over the park and landed on one of her favorite perches a block southwest of the park:

I watched her for a few before I had to leave for the day. In other news, a fellow Hawk-watcher saw one of the Hawks roosting at the Red Roost Inn the other night!

Picture of Bobby at the "Inn" from May of 2012: