Bobby and Sadie Hawk escort a juvenile off the property - December 6th, 2016

It's been super delightful having the Washington Square Park Hawks hanging out around the park for extended periods since the summer (when I wouldn't even see them sometimes).

I first saw a Hawk circling near the Bobst Library (the location of their nest). It then dove toward the trees.

One of the Hawks landed on Judson Memorial Church's cross not long after I started looking in the trees. 

It was Bobby on the cross:

It wasn't long before Sadie flew to her regular southwestern building perch:

I moved to get a clearer shot of her when she dove south of the park. I turned to have a look at Bobby and he was off the cross and nowhere in sight! I was dreading I'd lost the Hawks for the day already when I noticed movement in the tree next to me. It was Bobby on a low branch!


He would at times scan the fenced-in lawn in front of him. Blue Jays and squirrels approached him. One of the Jays dive-bombed him while the squirrels looked like they might challenge him too.

Bobby flew to another branch in his tree then flew to a perch right past the park arch after 18 minutes:

He relocated after a few seconds:

He soon took off and flew out of sight.

Sadie appeared and circled low over the park square. She let out one loud, extended yell:

I then saw Bobby chase a juvenile Hawk over the tree line, heading west. Sadie followed and helped chase the youngin' out of the park.

Instead of leaving the park, the juvenile circled above the southern border of the park with the two adults for a couple of minutes.

Although silhouetted, Bobby is the lower Hawk, Sadie the upper Hawk in the photo below:

Unfortunately my telephoto lens didn't allow for me to get all three Hawks in the same frame.

Bobby escorted the juvenile south from the park.

Sadie flew to one of her western perches:

She moved further north after 2 minutes:

She was off after a minute then zoomed north:

She joined Bobby again in circling with the juvenile Hawk! 

Both adults:

Shots of the juvenile:

The three Hawks circled westward (reaching the sky above 6th Avenue). They circled together some more until both adults tucked in and darted far east. I wasn't able to find them again so I called it a day.