Christmas Hawks - December 25th, 2016

I spent a little less than an hour in Washington Square Park today but I might have seen both Hawks.

I spotted one Hawk on the ConEd tower in the distance when I first arrived:

Bobby usually sits on the tower so it may have been him.

This little fellah was having a treat:

Closer look at the nest cam set-up:

I then spotted one of the Hawks on a regular perch a couple of blocks north of the park (the park arch is in the lower left hand side of the picture):

It's usually Sadie Hawk who sits up there.  I checked on the ConEd tower and the tower Hawk was gone.

This is as much as we got for a white Christmas:

Closer look at the red tile Hawk (it looked a bit like Bobby actually but it was hard to tell for sure):

I hope you are having a fabulous holiday weekend!