Night Hawkery and a landing at the Red Roost Inn - December 28th, 2016

I did a little night Hawking today and spotted Bobby Hawk on the Judson Memorial Church cross when I arrived at Washington Square Park:

He flew toward the eastern side trees after 8 minutes but I couldn't find where he went. Several squirrels were calling out the Hawk warning cry to each other but the Hawk was nowhere to be seen! 

The Christmas tree is still up:

I searched all throughout the park for either Hawk but was coming up short. One of the Hawks flew north over my head on its way out of the park after half an hour. It was flying pretty low over the building tops. 

I didn't see where it went so I stood by Bobby's regular evening roost (called the Red Roost Inn since it's affixed to the side of a hotel) in the hopes of catching him come in for a landing for the night.

It took 20 minutes of standing in the bitter cold for his arrival but I was nevertheless rewarded. There he was!  

The pipe is a restaurant ventilation pipe so we reckon it's a rather toasty spot for Bobby to sleep at. Its location is kitty corner from the park so he has a good view of his domain from his roost.