Washington Square Hawks deal with the pesky juvenile once again - December 9th, 2016

I spent two hours observing Bobby and Sadie Hawk today as they flew, rested, chased the juvenile Hawk that's been hanging around the park, and rested again.

Most of the visit was full of downtime with both adult Hawks resting and sunning with brief spurts of action. It was very cold, blustery, and sometimes cloudy today.

Sadie was sunning atop One Fifth Avenue when I arrived:

All of a sudden she uttered a long and loud yell and dove down toward a second Hawk:

I recognized that she was chasing the juvenile Hawk that's been visiting the park lately. Regretfully I was under some trees and was not able to focus on her grabbing the juvenile's talons a couple of times while she defended her territory.

The juvenile rose high and flew far west out of the park.

Sadie returned to her One Fifth Avenue perch and Bobby flew above the park square.

He flew past the top of the park arch and into the western trees:

Restful kick-out:

Happy shake:


The juvenile Hawk returned and flew from the northern to the southern border and beyond but both adult Hawks paid it no mind this time.

Bobby would watch a pigeon flock on the lawn ahead of him but he didn't hunt them.

He then hopscotched among the trees:

 Scattering the pigeons:

The juvenile came back yet again!

Bobby chased it a bit before joining Sadie and settling down for a preen and sun bath: