Washington Square Park Hawk Love Birds - December 3rd, 2016

I was delighted to see Bobby and Sadie sitting together atop One Fifth Avenue as soon as I arrived in Washington Square Park this morning. They were a couple of Love Birds:

I saw a third Hawk dive into the park trees. One of the WSP Hawks jumped down from the building and yelled, chasing after it.

I rushed over to catch the action but only saw Sadie land on a southwestern building and Bobby escort the interloper away.

He and the visitor flew far west of the park. Bobby then returned to the grounds and flew around Sadie's building:

She watched over the area just south of her:

Bobby reappeared on One Fifth Avenue without me seeing him return:

He jumped off after 2 minutes:

He flew over the library and to a perch a block south of the park:

He was off within a minute:

He circled over the park, cocking his eye down toward it at one point:

He rose higher and darted northeast out of the park.

Sadie seemed to partake in a sun bath:

She spent 35 minutes on her perch then circled low over the park:

She landed on One Fifth after her 3 minutes of circling:

She settled down and appeared to relax. I observed all the activity over the course of an hour. It was quite chilly and I'm still getting over a cold so I left Sadie enjoying her sunning.

In other news, Bobby has been seen roosting at his winter perch (the Red Roost Inn) just about every night the last few nights.