Juvenile briefly visits the park, adults have a nest switch - March 30th, 2016

A long visit to Washington Square Park today paid off since there was a surprise appearance of a juvenile Red-tailed Hawk and I got to observe Bobby and Sadie having a nest switch. 

A juvenile circled above the park square. It eventually flew directly to the adult Hawks' favorite northwestern building perch:

It was a little pale in color and quite pretty:

It perched for nearly 10 minutes. It flew away and disappeared while I was checking my camera settings.

I checked on the nest as soon as I noticed the juvenile was gone. Sadie was in the nest, seemingly oblivious (or was disinterested maybe). 

I didn't see Bobby anywhere so the juvenile caught a good break and didn't have to get thrown out of the park.

A Downy Woodpecker was banging away, leading me and a few other park-goers right to it:

 Bobby showed up on One Fifth Avenue:

He flew south out of the park, circled above the eastern side of the park, then relieved Sadie of incubating duties:

She circled in front of One Fifth a few times then continued northward. I looked for her but she had slipped away. It had been a long outing for me so I slipped away myself.

Sadie incubates, Bobby escorts a juvenile Hawk from the air space - March 26th, 2016

There wasn't too much action during my two hour Washington Square Park Hawk visit today but the action I did see was quite fun.

Sadie didn't do much apart from incubate, her tail feathers facing the world:

Who I found out later to be Bobby was perched on the Con Ed tower in the distance:

It's his primary spot when he leaves the park for the late morning/early afternoon. The building is massive and he can see all around his territory from there. 

He shot off the building then headed to the park 10 minutes after I had discovered him up there:

He circled higher and higher above the park square. He caught lots of thermals and was practically somersaulting in the air. He was really going lollipops. :)

All of a sudden he tucked into a dive and began circling again. He was with a second Hawk. I could see it was a juvenile but I never got a blog-worthy picture of it.

He and the Hawk circled together for a few seconds until Bobby escorted it south away from the park. They both disappeared so I spent the next half hour sightseeing.

There was a mysterious art piece on the square:

I recognized it thanks to an EV Grieve post about it a few days earlier.

Flower buds are coming in nicely:

It was a bit chilly today but the park was full of springtime revelers:

A squirrel ran up the tree and started grabbing flowers to eat. It had a good time of it for a couple of minutes:

A juvenile zoomed overhead and headed southeast:

I'm not sure if it was the same one Bobby had escorted from the park earlier. I went looking for it but never saw it again.

I walked closer to the Con Ed tower to see if Bobby might be there again. He was there, facing the general direction of the park:


I waited for a while to see if he'd head back to the park but he didn't so I left for the day.

Bobby brings building material to the nest - March 23rd, 2016

I watched as Bobby Hawk visited the nest two times during my hour and a half visit to Washington Square Park today:

He brought what looked like building material to the nest:

It resembled asphalt roofing tile. I saw Bobby descend to roof tops minutes before but I couldn't see where he landed. It's a shame because it would have been great to see where he got the material from.

Bobby then landed on various perches around the park before visiting the nest again:

Sadie peeking from the nest, pigeon antics - March 21st, 2016

My Hawk-watching friends reported seeing lots of Hawk action over the weekend and this morning what with multiple nest switches and hunting.

I visited Washington Square Park at on 'off' time today and only got to see Sadie peeking up over the nest wall. At least there were other interesting park sights to keep me entertained.

A flock of Ravens flew past Bobst Library (where the nest is) early on:

Someone had heartlessly ripped up some flower bulbs and a little fir tree:

Sparrows are adept at clinging to the sides of buildings.

Here's one about 3 stories up on Bobst Library:

There is an Arthur Carter statue at the Native Woodland Garden east of Bobst Library:


I spied a pigeon eating on top of it for a couple of minutes:

It walked a bit too far down and started slipping and sliding: