Nest switch and Finch buddies - April 30th, 2016

The Washington Square Park Red-tailed Hawks switched nest duty while I was in the park today. A fellow Hawk-watcher watched one of the adults feeding the babies and both adult Hawks in the nest at one point earlier in the day.

I checked NYU's Silver Center for Bobby when I arrived but he wasn't there. I glanced over again a couple of minutes later and there he was!

It's always fun when they sneak up on you.

Watching over the nest:

A House Finch perched near him, as usual:

Bobby flew to the nest 15 minutes after I first saw him:

He moved into the nest bowl and sat down on/warmed the hatchlings. Sadie had slipped out of the nest while I was watching Bobby on Silver.

Sadie returned to the nest 15 minutes after he had relieved her. She tucked into the nest and Bobby flew out.


He returned to Silver:

The adult Hawks have been keeping very close to the nest since the baby Hawks are only a week old. The adults can watch the nest closely from Silver.  

Bobby preened and faced the nest for only 4 minutes before he leaped off, circled over the park, then circled higher and higher to invisibility.

My fellow Hawk-watcher and I waited to see if Bobby would return but he didn't during our visit. We checked the Con Ed tower but he wasn't there. He was off on some high-flying adventure.

Sadie remained in the nest bowl. A pair of House Finches joined the Hawk mom and kids:

They just sat there not bothering Sadie.

It's curious that the Finches pal around with the Hawks so much but they do and it is pretty cute in my book regardless of the reasons. 

My better half and I visited the Tompkins Square Park Hawks later in the day while we were running errands. I was cameraless which was a nice break. We sat on a bench and watched as both Hawks stood in the nest. One was feeding their hatchling(s) while the other looked on. The non-feeding Hawk then flew northward while the other continued feeding the babe(s). 

The adult (I think it was Christo) then circled over the southwestern corner of the park before heading west. The Hawk family is doing great which was really nice to see.

Washington Square Hawks settled into their routine - April 28th, 2016

I haven't been to the park for a few days but wanted to let you know I've kindly received reports that the Hawks are doing perfectly. 

They've settled into their routine of nest switches, baby feedings, and guard duty. :)

A fine visit with the Washington Square Park Hawk family - April 24th, 2016

It was a good Hawk visit this morning at Washington Square Park. A fellow Hawk-watcher reported seeing both Hawks in the nest, Sadie feeding the hatchling(s), and Bobby doing a little bit of nearby flying before perching in view of the nest.

Bobby was still on his perch (on NYU's Silver Center) when I arrived:


Sadie got up and began feeding her hatchling(s) again:

Bobby leapt off his perch right when she started feeding. He then circled above the park square:

Zipping past NYU's Kimmel Center:

He flew into the nest:

I guess he just wanted to check on his family because he watched for a minute then took off:

Bobby then circled higher and higher above the park to where he became but a tiny speck and then invisible to me and my friends.

I had errands to attend to so it was a good time for me to leave for the day.

A hatch and Bobby looking over his family - April 23rd, 2016

The Washington Square Park Hawk brooding season is going smoothly so far. An egg is confirmed hatched as of yesterday and I've received word that there are three eggs in the nest. Fledge time and Hawk baby observing time will be a handful this summer. 

Since the Hawks' eggs usually hatch one a day, all three eggs should be hatched by early next week.

I visited the park this morning during its rainy period. There wasn't much action apart from Bobby watching over his family, flying to the nest to check on them, landing in a tree below the nest, circling above the library and park square, then traveling northeast from the park.

Sadie stayed low in the nest bowl the whole time I visited. A fellow Hawk-watcher saw her stand tall in the nest and look over her brood earlier in the morning. 

You can see some of the rain drops:

It's probably not possible to see where Bobby is in the photo below; I'm including it for perspectives' sake:

It will be delightful when the time comes to see the babies' wobbly fluff ball heads peeking up over the nest wall although that may be a while since the nest is so large now.

Hawks do a nest switch (there's no sign of egg hatching yet) - April 20th, 2016

The Washington Square Park Hawks took egg-warming turns late in my visit to the park today. There's still no sign of hatching but that's fine since all appears to be well and hatching is still imminent and not late.

Sadie was seen peeking:

A red piece of material appeared a few minutes later. It looked like it might be a metallic material like from a snack bag:

Bobby didn't appear until an hour after I had arrived. He flew around all areas of the park before landing on a regular perch northeast of the park: 

He flew behind One Fifth then back over the park several minutes later. I lost him when he flew south so I went looking for him.

I found him sitting on NYU's Kimmel building on my way back to the park grounds. The building borders the southern side of the park:

 Happy shake:

He landed on his favorite corner of NYU's Silver Center building:


It wasn't long before he flew to the nest. I had just enough time to run to where I could catch his landing:

He moved the red material away from the nest bowl. 

He tucked in while Sadie got up and took her break:

Flying past his perch:

The feathers surrounding the bare section of skin called the 'brood patch' were still askew:

She circled over Silver several times before landing on One Fifth Avenue:

It was obvious she was going to be preening in the sun for a while so I took my opportunity to leave for the day.