The fledgling cavorts in the park trees - June 27th, 2016

It turns out the fledgling has been hanging out in the Washington Square Park trees the last couple of days. A park regular told a fellow Hawk-watcher that the fledgling was in the trees yesterday.

This morning I caught up with my friend who'd been watching the fledgling perch in the same tree for an hour and a half. My friend saw him getting briefly harassed by Blue Jays and visited by a squirrel.

I watched as the fledgling spent his time watching pigeons, squirrels, starlings, and sparrows on the ground below.

He stretched a few times and flew from branch for the hour and a half I watched him. He then flew to NYU's Silver Center building where he promptly plopped down to rest.

He sometimes looked adorable and at other times more dinosaur-y:

Bobby & Sadie Hawks seen over the weekend, fledgling kept a low profile - June 26th, 2016

I was not able to go Hawking this weekend but a friend did and reported seeing papa and mama Hawks today. There might have been a fledgling sighting too but the angle made for a difficult positive ID. 

We still have several weeks to go before the fledgling masters hunting and leaves the area to live out its destiny elsewhere. In the meantime I hope to see the fledgling soon especially since his area of discovery is ever-expanding.

Fledgling expands his fly zone - June 24th, 2016

A fellow Hawk-watcher saw the fledgling flying further east than ever this morning. He expanded his flying by one extra block east from Washington Square Park. It doesn't sound like much but he's obviously more confident and open to exploring more.

I was thinking how confident this fledgling is compared to some of the previous broods. He had one day of trouble but overall he's doing great and is maturing rapidly. 

He didn't engage in the back-and-forth flying between two buildings and repeatedly trying to climb up windows as fledglings from earlier years did. Instead he's been flying directly in straight flights.

I visited the park for close to two hours today but didn't see any of the Hawks. Neither did a friend in the early evening (but had seen the fledgling in the morning). This weekend should bring some sightings though.

It's fun spotting bird nests on buildings:

I thought it was pretty funny when I saw a House Finch pair sitting on a fire escape Bobby and Rosie would roost at some evenings (since Finches seem to enjoy palling around near the Hawks):

Fledgling visits the park arch, parents try to lure him with food - June 22nd, 2016

The fledgling has graduated to flying among the park trees now. A fellow Hawk-watcher followed him about as he moved from tree to tree and tree to building. He was really going lollipops! My friend heard him chirping as he sped around the park. They even saw the fledgling perch on the park arch!

He flew overhead making a bunch of noise when I got to the park. He then disappeared when flying above the trees to the other side.

A bird in the belfry:

Hello, fledgling:

Bobby appeared, circling the western side of the park:

He then flew in full view of the fledgling and took the food northward. The fledgling chased after him:

Bobby brought the food to NYU's Silver Center where Sadie promptly picked it up:

Mockingbirds didn't let her eat though:

Bobby had his own dive-bombing bird to contend with at the other side of the park:

All of a sudden the fledgling appeared on the arch while I was watching Sadie:

It didn't take long for him to fly to a new perch:

He flew to the Pless building (at the eastern side of the park).

Sadie eventually brought the meal to the building above the fledgling (NYU's Education Building):

The baby saw her and cried then hopped about:

Sadie left the meal on the antenna then flew closer to the fledgling.


She returned to where the food was last left. Bobby zoomed past her:

Bobby leaping off his perch:

The fledgling took to the sky again:

He landed on Silver:

Sadie landed above him with the food:

The fledgling cried and cried.

I kept waiting for her to bring the food right to him but she kept flying away with it. It looked very much that she was trying to lure him to a different place to eat.

She took the food in the direction of the library.

Bobby showed up about 20 minutes later with the food:

He too landed on Silver. He then flew the food in front of the fledgling then flew away with it.

The fledgling opted to plop down and rest instead of budging:

I had watched all this action for over two hours and the fledgling looked like it wasn't going to go anywhere so I left for the day.

A fellow Hawk-watcher later reported seeing the fledgling on top of the library in the early evening.