Post heat wave park visit - July 29th, 2016

The local heat wave broke with some rain this morning. I looked for the Washington Square Park Red-Tailed Hawks in and outside the park but didn't see any of them.

A fellow Hawk-watcher had better luck and saw all the Hawks over the last few days. The fledgling was seen atop One Fifth Avenue a couple of times over the last couple of weeks (at the adults' perch) which is pretty exciting considering how tall that building is.

I had some nice nature-watching during my visit even though I was Hawkless.

Young Starling gone bugging:

It may not look like it but this squirrel was relaxing:

This tree doesn't get direct sunlight often so it has a nice coating on it:

Heat wave Hawkery - July 24th, 2016

We're in the beginning of another heat wave but this morning's temps were tolerable so I looked for the Washington Square Park Hawks for an hour.

I didn't see any of them unfortunately. A fellow Hawk-watcher spotted one of them lying low atop One Fifth Avenue later in the day.

Shot of the empty nest:

Spending time with the resting fledgling - July 20th, 2016

The Washington Square Park Red-tailed Hawk fledgling rested in the same tree during my visit today. He preened a bit, watched some prey on the ground, and otherwise relaxed:

A fellow Hawk-watcher had found him after spotting Sadie atop one of the eastern flag poles. I saw her circling east of the park as I was arriving but didn't take any blog-worthy photos of her unfortunately. :)

Following the fledgling on a steamy day - July 17th, 2016

We've had a hazy heat wave over the last several days which deterred my Hawking. I tend to get woozy in that kind of weather so apologies for the extended Hawk break.

Fellow Hawk-watchers have seen the Washington Square Park Hawk family doing well.

I saw one of the adult Hawks circling a block south of the park but didn't have my camera ready at the time. It was gone by the time I got closer.

I caught up with the fledgling this morning on the east side:

He flew right across the park square and into the western trees:

Some Blue Jays were bothering him so he escaped them by flying to the park arch:

Up to the top:

Off after a minute:

A Red House Finch flew near and landed by the Hawk (as usual!). The Finches seem to enjoy the Hawks. I've never seen them dive-bomb or bother them.

The fledgling walked along the window ledge to the corner:

He cried a couple of times and then took off southward (crying as he flew):

I looked for him and to see if he was following an adult but didn't find any Hawks after that.

Catching up with a sleepy fledgling - July 11th, 2016

It was pretty amusing the way I found the Washington Square Park Hawk fledgling today. I had been looking for him for several minutes with no luck.

I sat down on a bench and noticed the sound of acorns falling on the path behind me. I figured I'd try to take photos of whatever squirrel was causing the racket so I looked into the tree and there was the fledgling!

He was quite snoozy:

 Head leaning backwards:

Because I had found the fledgling I didn't care about the squirrel anymore. :) I spent the next two hours watching the fledgling rest, stretch, and preen. There were times when it looked like he was going to dart off his perch but he never did.


One of the Hawk parents circled over the park for a minute:

The fledgling got pretty excited watching the adult fly around:

Back to preening:

Getting snoozy again:

As I was leaving I saw who I think was Sadie sitting on a regular perch a block south of the park:

I had to wonder if the worker below her had any idea the Hawk was there: