Following Bobby among the park trees - September 29th, 2016

I got to follow Bobby around Washington Square Park's trees for two hours today.

I had initially looked through the trees for a bit but wasn't finding the Hawks until I heard two or three Blue Jays yelling up a storm and saw pigeons fleeing a particular batch of trees. I zeroed in and found Bobby. 

He must have just swooped into the area. It's great when the other creatures 'tell' each other that a predator is around. It makes for easier Hawking when I'm looking on my own. 

He looked around as though he were hunting but was mostly in relaxation mode:

A regular band was playing in his eye line:

I've always wondered if the Hawks find any enjoyment from the music that's often played in the park. 

He spent nearly 45 minutes in this tree before hopscotching around to a few others:

He pulled at a thin branch but didn't snap it off for the nest:

He eventually flew to the trees at the other side of the park.

He perched for another 20 minutes before flying up above the tree line. He flew in tight circles above one tree then landed in a tree top squirrel nest:

A park ranger was in the park and informed me that a squirrel had leapt from the nest, fell to the grass below, then ran up a different tree. It was a lucky albeit clumsy escape.

Bobby stayed in the squirrel nest for 15 minutes. He looked like he was digging around in the nest but he didn't grab onto any prey.

He then flew up out of the nest then dove like a bullet down into the trees again to rest on a new branch. Luckily this all happened in the same area so I didn't have to leave my spot and search around for him.

He settled down and started preening:

I had to go so I left him preening on the same branch. It was a great visit. It's comforting to know that the Hawks are returning to the park more regularly now rather than staying away on their extended summer excursions.

Bobby keeps watch as Sadie circles about - September 24th, 2016

I had the great fortune to see both Bobby and Sadie at Washington Square Park today. I could only pass through the park briefly so the timing was especially lucky.

Bobby was on one of his favorite flag poles, looking over his domain:

Sadie flew up the street alongside him five minutes later. She flew in wide circles over the block behind him. She then circled close to him before disappearing from my view. I only managed to get this halfway decent shot of her: 

Bobby stayed put: 

These gentlemen were on the Silver Center rooftop. Surely they were admiring Bobby or pointing out Sadie's flying in the distance. ;)

I had to leave but had quite a nice 15 minutes or so with the Hawks.

A fellow Hawk-watcher saw them seen sitting near each other last night before they separated for their respective roosts.

Bobby at bedtime - September 22nd, 2016

Tonight was the first time I've laid my eyes on Bobby since August 8th so I was pretty happy to see him tonight. A fellow Hawk-watcher had seen him about but this was the first time for me since then.

He was on the Judson Memorial Church cross when I arrived at Washington Square Park:

He relaxed on his perch for 20 minutes then flew east toward NYU's Education Building:

The sun had set and it got darker and darker. He flew off his antenna after 15 minutes:

He looked like he was going to land at the back of NYU's Silver Center to roost. A fellow Hawk-watcher and I looked for him for several minutes but we didn't get to see where he tucked in. He was pretty hop-scotchy so it's possible the Silver Center was not his final destination for the evening.

George Washington at War at the park arch.

Both Hawks seen last few nights - September 21st, 2016

I've been taking advantage of the Hawk quietness over the last few days to catch up on personal responsibilities but! I can assure you both Bobby and Sadie have been spotted, mostly at night time in or north of Washington Square Park.

Bobby has been going either south or north for roosting time which helps narrow down where he may be sleeping each night. I'll be back to Hawking soon. :)

New views of Hawk perches, Sadie's sunset bath - September 15th, 2016

NYU's Silver Center's new water tower is coming along nicely:

I searched throughout Washington Square Park for the Red-tailed Hawks but wasn't finding them. 

I was a few blocks north of the park when I took this view of the Bobst Library (where the Hawk nest is) and One World Trade in the background:

Three of the Hawks' perches were nicely aligned: The red Bobst Library in front, the wire heat vent atop the silver structure a block south of the library, and the water tower a few blocks further south:

That distant water tower is one of the Hawks' new southern perches. Here it is in relation to the park (located at the top of the map):

I had looked for the Hawks for almost 2 hours without a sighting. They are really taking advantage of this babyless period and enjoying longer excursions away from the park. :)

A fellow Hawk-watcher did spot who we think was Sadie on a regular perch north of the park this evening and saw Bobby atop his night perch last night.

Night Hawkery and heavy police presence - September 12th, 2016

Apparently the NYPD is on high alert since it's right after the September 11 anniversary because there were many cops in and outside Washington Square Park this evening. 

Outside the park:

These guys wore NYPD Police Counterterrorism Bureau patches.

I looked all throughout the park for the resident Red-tailed Hawks but didn't find them. 

A fellow Hawk-watcher has seen them follow the same evening pattern a few nights in a row so I set out to observe them tonight but as my luck would have it they changed their behavior the night I visit. :) Better luck next time!

Hawkless visit then Bobby's evening hopscotchery - September 6th, 2016

There wasn't much going on at Washington Square Park in terms of Hawkery during my visit today.

I walked around for an hour and a half and found neither Hawk but a fellow Hawk-watcher did get to see Bobby Hawk hopscotch around the park later on. 

I have to switch up my schedule if I'm to get better luck now that we're in the late summer lulls and the Hawks stay away from the park a large part of the day.

NYU's Silver Center is getting a fancy new water tower:

When I was searching for the Hawks a couple of blocks south I saw the shape of a raptor up ahead:

False alarm!

Sadie sun bath and Air Force flyover - September 2nd, 2016

I was in Washington Square Park for a little over an hour with a fellow Hawk-watcher this morning looking for the Red-tailed Hawks.

We didn't see them during the time I was in the park but my friend did spot mama Sadie having a sun bath on her regular perch a block south of the park later.

Nice 'rainbow' in the park fountain (lots of people noticed and took photos themselves):

Here comes the flyby:

The Air Force was having a preplanned photo session over Manhattan. 

My friend last saw Bobby on Sunday so he's still around as well. I checked my past posts and just realized I haven't personally laid eyes on Bobby since August 8th. That is far too long!

I visited the park on Tuesday but didn't see either of the Hawks. I didn't take photos of anything noteworthy so I decided not to post that day.