Following Sadie's hopscotchery and 'secret' perch discovered - October 30th, 2016

A fellow Hawk-watcher has seen both Washington Square Park Red-tailed Hawks over the last few days. 

They saw Sadie sitting at her regular NYU Law School dorm ladder perch earlier this morning.

Mama Sadie Hawk was the first Hawk I saw when I was at the park today. She flew right to the new NYU Silver Center water tower. This building is along the eastern side of the park:

She flew to the nearby flag pole 2 minutes later:

She rested for 7 minutes then flew south over Bobst Library (the location of the nest). 

I went looking for her. A Hawk landed on the building across the street from me a few minutes later:

I thought it was Sadie at first but when I looked closer at my photos at home I became convinced that this Hawk was Bobby due to his markings and the fact that his wings are fuller whereas Sadie is missing a couple of feathers.

Bobby flew off his perch after 5 minutes then traveled further southwest:

I couldn't find where he went so I retraced my steps and looked at Sadie's Law School ladder and there was Sadie, just like she was earlier this morning and so many other times:

I watched her sun for 3 minutes until she dropped down lower:

I was pretty astonished to discover that she was on a water tower barely visible from 3rd Street (the street one block south of the park). You had to be at the right angle to see her:

I walked down her side street to see if I could get a better view of her but it was impossible due to the height of the other buildings obscuring her. 

A fellow Hawk-watcher joined me and looked to see if Sadie was visible from the street west of her but wasn't able to see her from angles there either. 

Sadie jumped off her perch after 18 minutes:

We searched for her for a little while but had to tend to our own errands so we left after a fruitless search. 

But what a delight to find this previously unknown perch!

Two days of brief Sadie sightings - October 20th & 24th

I saw Sadie briefly on Thursday the 20th and today.

On the 20th I first spotted her circling above the street a couple of blocks north of Washington Square Park:

She then tucked her wings in a bit and flew overhead and southeast:

The sighting lasted less than five minutes. I looked for her but didn't see her again.


Today's outing was more successful. I spotted Sadie on a favorite perch outside the southwest corner of the park:

She was not on the building when I had arrived at the park half an hour earlier. I noticed pigeons panicking overhead when I was searching for the Hawks in the trees so I had a hunch a raptor was nearby but I didn't see her until I was in the open park square.

She sat and preened. The sky would go from sunny to cloudy and she'd turn her head toward the sun when the clouds cleared:

Pigeons circling above the square: 

She flew off her perch 10 minutes after I first saw her. She flew close to other building perches along the west side of the park before flying past One Fifth and continuing northeast.

I spent a while searching for her but that was that for the day.

Con Edison tower Red-tailed Hawk - October 17th, 2016

I spent about an hour and a half looking for the Washington Square Park Red-tailed Hawks today.

I took a photo of the Con Ed tower, a regular Hawk perch, but didn't see a Hawk on the tippy top so I kept moving. I had a nagging feeling I should take a look at the base of the tower as well but ignored myself if you know what I mean. 

Well wouldn't you know, when I looked at my tower photo at home I scrolled down to see one of the Hawks sitting at the base of the tower, dazzling in the sunlight:

Lesson learned. I did see a large bird circling over the block east of the park about half an hour later but I quickly lost sight of it and couldn't be sure if it was one of the Hawks. 

More trees are yellowing as Autumn deepens (even though it's going to be 80 degrees in the city tomorrow):

A fellow Hawk-watcher did see both Bobby and Sadie perching and flying together on Saturday so all seems well.

Bobby eats a rodent, Sadie perches in the distance - October 13th, 2016

Today was great because I was able to see both Washington Square Park Red-tailed Hawks at the same time. It had been a while since I'd seen them both. I visited the park at an 'off' time for me and it paid off.

I first spotted Bobby at the western side of the park:

I had noticed several pigeon feathers on the sidewalk and looked around to see where there had been a recent meal plucking. Kinda like following bread crumbs. I didn't see the source of the feathers but did see Bobby in that instant.

He was seated above a park regular's pigeon-feeding bench:

Bobby looked interested in something in the distance but I couldn't tell what he was looking at at first. I then noticed Sadie way in the distance, on a regular perch a couple of blocks north of the park. 

Bobby eventually moved to a new tree:

Off to another one:

He was in hunting mode.

He flew over to the northwest corner patch and grabbed a small rat from the ground. It happened so fast!

He brought it to the trees to eat:

He moved to a couple of different trees before he found the perfect branch.

He ate for about 15 minutes. He then flew out of the trees and a block north out of the park. He circled around a bit before disappearing.

I snapped a couple of photos of Sadie on her perch:

She stayed put the hour and a half I was in the park watching Bobby. It was the kind of visit I had been waiting weeks for. 

In case you weren't aware, the park manager assured me that there is still no rat poison in the park because of the resident Hawks.

Bobby and Sadie soaring together - October 10th, 2016

A fellow Hawk-watcher got to see both Bobby and Sadie Hawk flying together earlier today.

I missed them when I visited Washington Square Park. I looked around the several blocks north and east of the park to see where their afternoon haunts may be but no such luck.

However I did see this charming White-throated Sparrow hanging out in the park:

Peek at the nest:

Kestrel dive-bombs and a few seconds with a Hawk - October 6th, 2016

I walked around and through Washington Square Park for a bit today but wasn't finding the Red-tailed Hawks.

There was a flock of pigeons enjoying one of the natural puddle baths on an eastern park lawn:

Flowers were quite dewy:

I heard a Kestrel yelling at something and dive-bombing a target but I wasn't able to see the cause of the commotion. I assumed the Kestrel was dive-bombing one of the Hawks but the building angles made it so I couldn't see.

I caught up with the Kestrel sitting on an antenna near where it was dive-bombing (over the buildings across the northern border of the park):

I had to leave the park but was lucky to see one of the adult Red-tailed Hawks circling overhead as I walked along 5th Avenue and 13th Street half an hour later:

I watched until buildings obscured my view as it circled toward the east. I looked all around for it but didn't see it again.