Night Hawkery and a landing at the Red Roost Inn - December 28th, 2016

I did a little night Hawking today and spotted Bobby Hawk on the Judson Memorial Church cross when I arrived at Washington Square Park:

He flew toward the eastern side trees after 8 minutes but I couldn't find where he went. Several squirrels were calling out the Hawk warning cry to each other but the Hawk was nowhere to be seen! 

The Christmas tree is still up:

I searched all throughout the park for either Hawk but was coming up short. One of the Hawks flew north over my head on its way out of the park after half an hour. It was flying pretty low over the building tops. 

I didn't see where it went so I stood by Bobby's regular evening roost (called the Red Roost Inn since it's affixed to the side of a hotel) in the hopes of catching him come in for a landing for the night.

It took 20 minutes of standing in the bitter cold for his arrival but I was nevertheless rewarded. There he was!  

The pipe is a restaurant ventilation pipe so we reckon it's a rather toasty spot for Bobby to sleep at. Its location is kitty corner from the park so he has a good view of his domain from his roost.

Christmas Hawks - December 25th, 2016

I spent a little less than an hour in Washington Square Park today but I might have seen both Hawks.

I spotted one Hawk on the ConEd tower in the distance when I first arrived:

Bobby usually sits on the tower so it may have been him.

This little fellah was having a treat:

Closer look at the nest cam set-up:

I then spotted one of the Hawks on a regular perch a couple of blocks north of the park (the park arch is in the lower left hand side of the picture):

It's usually Sadie Hawk who sits up there.  I checked on the ConEd tower and the tower Hawk was gone.

This is as much as we got for a white Christmas:

Closer look at the red tile Hawk (it looked a bit like Bobby actually but it was hard to tell for sure):

I hope you are having a fabulous holiday weekend!

Bobby takes a rat - December 19th, 2016

Bobby Hawk flew over my sidewalk as I walked along the northern border of Washington Square Park today. It was a nice way to start my Hawk outing.

He landed on Judson Memorial Church cross then flew to the western trees by the time I caught up with him.

It was quite chilly and the park was pretty empty during my Hawk visit so not too many people noticed him.

Some criss-crossing in his tail feathers:

He hopscotched on a few branches before moving to a new tree to hunt from:

He left this tree after 20 minutes:

He surveyed the lawns for 6 minutes before diving toward prey:

He caught a rat in a little fenced-in area of the lawn:

Scrunch and spring:

He ate it so fast, he was already done by the time I walked to his new tree:

He hopped to a fresh branch to wipe up on:

He soon returned to the little cluster of trees from which he hunted:

A couple of squirrels were calling and responding their Hawk warning cry (which sounds like a creaky door opening and closing). This fellah was making the bigger racket:

Bobby didn't pay the squirrels any mind. He flew just south of the park after 15 minutes. It looked like he was chasing something that was at the buildings lining the southwestern corner of the park but I never saw what he was after. 

He rose high up and circled above the block south of the park:

He rose even higher then dove quickly further south. I lost sight of him so I walked around the few blocks around the area to look for him. I saw a Hawk on the Con Ed tower (which is several blocks northeast of the park) but I couldn't tell which Hawk it was.

The heat waves from buildings' chimneys made it difficult to lock focus on the bird:

I was about to leave for the day when all of a sudden I saw Bobby back on the cross!

I think the Hawk on the tower might have been Bobby because there was no Hawk there when I watched Bobby on the cross. He had had enough time to fly from the tower to the cross without my seeing him (about 10 seconds' worth of flight time on average).

He preened for a few minutes then landed on the southwest corner building:

He left his perch almost immediately afterward and disappeared so I left for the day.


I saw what I am pretty sure was a young Turkey Buzzard circling the northern area of the park while Bobby was in the trees but I never got a great photo of it to study. 

A Cooper's Hawk flew from southwest of the park to east of the park which was pretty nice. It was a raptor-filled day.

In other news, a fellow Hawk-watcher has seen both Bobby and Sadie over the last few days and Bobby roosting at the Red Roost Inn regularly so all seems well with the Hawks.

Washington Square Hawks deal with the pesky juvenile once again - December 9th, 2016

I spent two hours observing Bobby and Sadie Hawk today as they flew, rested, chased the juvenile Hawk that's been hanging around the park, and rested again.

Most of the visit was full of downtime with both adult Hawks resting and sunning with brief spurts of action. It was very cold, blustery, and sometimes cloudy today.

Sadie was sunning atop One Fifth Avenue when I arrived:

All of a sudden she uttered a long and loud yell and dove down toward a second Hawk:

I recognized that she was chasing the juvenile Hawk that's been visiting the park lately. Regretfully I was under some trees and was not able to focus on her grabbing the juvenile's talons a couple of times while she defended her territory.

The juvenile rose high and flew far west out of the park.

Sadie returned to her One Fifth Avenue perch and Bobby flew above the park square.

He flew past the top of the park arch and into the western trees:

Restful kick-out:

Happy shake:


The juvenile Hawk returned and flew from the northern to the southern border and beyond but both adult Hawks paid it no mind this time.

Bobby would watch a pigeon flock on the lawn ahead of him but he didn't hunt them.

He then hopscotched among the trees:

 Scattering the pigeons:

The juvenile came back yet again!

Bobby chased it a bit before joining Sadie and settling down for a preen and sun bath: