Bobby visits the nest and catches a rodent - November 17th, 2017

Today was packed with more action than I could summarize in today's post title. I first saw Bobby perched a block south of the park:

A kestrel dive-bombed him several times:

He dove off his perch 3 minutes later and headed right to the park. 

I saw Sadie on One Fifth as I entered the park:

I found Bobby in his favorite tree of late 10 minutes later:

I could watch Sadie on the apartment tower while I watched Bobby in his tree.

The squirrel on the right was repeating its Hawk warning cry. The signal sounds like a rusty hinged door opening and closing.

 The squirrel had its eye on Bobby:

He moved to a lower perch in the neighboring tree 10 minutes later. He preened, rested, and scanned the lawn underneath for prey:

He left his new tree after another 50 minutes. He seems to perch for around 50 minutes in one spot quite regularly now that I think about it.

He swooped out of the trees and circled the park square and eastern side of the park for a few minutes:

Pigeons on the right, Bobby on the left, and a squirrel eating in the crook of the tree on the far left:

 Sadie had relocated to her southwestern building perch as Bobby was flying:

She left her perch and circled the sky with Bobby.

He flew into the nest:

Sadie returned to One Fifth:

Bobby spent most of his 6 minute visit on the nest's window ledge. He leapt off and flew directly into the trees again (One World Trade in the background):

After 45 minutes he dove past and landed on a dime on the grass on the other side of the fence from everyone:

He stopped too quickly for me to aim a proper shot of him. By the time I locked on him he was up and flying with his rodent: 

Sadie clearly saw Bobby's antics because she rushed over and circled above his tree several times, screaming.

Bobby would look up at her from time to time:

It wasn't long before Sadie shocked me by diving into the branches of the Hangman's Elm:

She watched Bobby eat:

Bobby finished eating and wiping up in 5 minutes. He turned around to Sadie's direction, hopped off his branch, and flew out of the park:

Sadie immediately followed him.

She soon returned to the park and landed on her southwest perch again:

I watched her for a few minutes then I left for the day:

Cooper's Hawk visits the park trees under Sadie's watch - November 15th, 2017

Sadie Hawk was on her southwestern corner building when I arrived at Washington Square Park today:

She had a nice sunny spot and was relaxed enough so I left her after around 15 minutes and walked around the rest of the park to look for Bobby. I checked the ConEd tower north of the park but didn't see him there. 

 A Yellow-bellied sapsucker woodpecker was digging into a little tree:

A Red-bellied Woodpecker was in a neighboring tree:

I wasn't finding Bobby so I returned to Sadie:

She noticed something in the distance and leapt off her perch and headed south of the park:

She had been on her building for a little over an hour.

I looked for her and couldn't find her so I headed back to the park. I saw one of the Hawks on the northwestern building perch so I rushed over:

It was Sadie!

Over the next hour and a half she went from the northwestern to the southwestern then northwestern building again.

I was leaving the park and was halfway down the block when I heard Blue Jays causing a big commotion in the trees. I found the source of their distress: A very hyper Cooper's Hawk!

It dove into the flock that hangs out on or near the park arch. Panicked pigeons:

The Cooper's Hawk made a few lunges at them but might have moved on because I didn't see it again or hear Jays give out more warning cries.

The pigeons didn't look convinced though and sat close together on the arch:

I was a little surprised Sadie didn't chase the little Hawk away. She must have seen it as it dove into the pigeon pack right under her nose.

It was good that I stayed that extra time in the park because I checked the ConEd tower again and saw who I'll assume was Bobby:

I watched Sadie some more before leaving for the day: