Hawks visit the nest, pal around in high places - January 28th, 2017

A fellow Hawk-watcher spotted Sadie at the nest with a huge twig for fortification yesterday.

I was hoping to see some nest action today but it was not meant to be.

Both Hawks were relaxing together atop One Fifth Avenue when I arrived (Bobby on the left):

Bobby left Sadie's side after 12 minutes:

He flew east of the park and out of sight. He then landed on a favorite flag pole bordering the park several seconds later:

He then circled directly above me and my friend for a few spins:

His tail feathers are so ratty right now:

He then flew northeast again.

 Sadie stayed put for a while:

My friend and I waited around for another 25 minutes for some action but there was no change and it was very cold and raw outside (with intermittent snow fall) so we left the park.

I was a few blocks east of the park when I saw two Hawks circling above Broadway and around 8th/9th Streets.

One of the Hawks: 

They circled for a few seconds before moving further east (Wanamaker Building in the foreground):

The next block east was Lafayette Street where I saw one of the Hawks as but a speck above the Astor Place Tower:

The red pin below marks where the Hawks were circling in relation to the park:

The two Hawks tucked in then dove in the direction of the park. I searched for them for about 15 minutes but didn't find them again.

I did see one of the Tompkins Square Park Hawks on a regular perch (Village View Housing Corporation) several blocks due east of Washington Square Park:

I know the photo below is terrible but my lens could only handle so many chimney heat waves (at least you can see the Hawk). :)

This apartment complex in relation to the park: