Sadie and Bobby Hawk fend off a Kestrel - January 11th, 2017

My hour-long visit at Washington Square Park today was pretty uneventful at first.

Sadie rested on a favorite northwestern building for a while before heading west:

I saw that she went a block west of the park so I started to head over to look for her. Out of habit I turned around to look at One Fifth Avenue and spotted Bobby sitting on its northwest corner when usually he and Sadie sit on the southeast! It was a treat to see him in this new spot:

I'm sure I've seen him on that particular ledge before but it's been so long, I don't even remember.

I got closer to take some glamor shots of him:

He tucked into a steep dive and zoomed to the buildings at the southern border of the park:

It was there where he and Sadie flew around with a Kestrel that was defending its slice of Manhattan.

Bobby and Sadie: 

The mighty Kestrel:

It really wasn't much of a fight. The Kestrel followed one of the Hawks to the eastern side of the park before moving on.

Sadie dove toward the building complex a block south of the park:

It's a good perch to hunt for pigeons from. She eventually moved to the second building in the complex to soak up other heat:

She wasn't going anywhere anytime soon so I left for the day. I saw Bobby hopscotch from one water tower to another when I was a couple blocks east of the park which was fun.

A regular park-goer told me he saw one of the Hawks visiting the nest around 11AM today!