Sadie visits a sunning Bobby - January 6th, 2017

We got about an inch and a half of snow in the city overnight and Washington Square Park was looking pleasantly seasonal:

The Hawks' regular perches with a light dusting:

Bobby flew to The Hangman's Elm at the northwestern corner of the park a few minutes after I arrived today:

I watched for the next two hours as Bobby had a sun bath, Sadie visited him a couple of times in his tree, and other birds flitted about on this sunny day.

I'm terrible at telling Sharp-Shinned and Cooper's Hawks apart so here's a nice raptor that flew past Bobby's tree:

A Woodpecker was busy pecking on the tree in front of me:

Sadie swooped in and landed near Bobby:

She moved to a different part of the tree before circling the sky:

Sadie landed in the tree but in an insecure spot where she didn't get great footing so she flew out, circled a bit, then flew southward.

Bobby wiping up:

Sadie returned to the tree:

A squirrel checked her out but did not harass her. It soon moved away:

Sadie left the tree again then circled above the whole park before disappearing from view.

Bobby having a stretch:

I had to leave for the day with Bobby still in his tree.