Spring-like Hawk day - January 19th, 2017

We got a taste of spring today with temperatures reaching almost 50 degrees. Both Sadie and Bobby Hawk were in great form palling around together and flying around Washington Square Park.

One of the Hawks was on One Fifth Avenue when I arrived:

I saw the other Hawk flying low over the park trees so I went to look for it. Pigeon flocks panicked so I knew it was around but didn't see it again until it joined the other Hawk atop One Fifth Ave 10 minutes later.

Bobby looking out over the realm, Sadie tucked behind him:

Bobby flew off and circled around the northern side of the park a minute later:

Bobby then flew to the back of the building and sat at the northwest corner:

Bobby on the left, Sadie on the right:

It was Sadie's turn to fly next. She flew off a minute after Bobby landed on the back side: 

Sadie flew to the street one block south of the park. I tried to find her but she gave me the slip.

Returning to the park, Bobby still on the back corner of One Fifth:

Ah, Sadie had landed on her favorite southwestern building!

Over the next couple of minutes Bobby landed on a building a few doors north of her then they both dispersed and went their separate ways. 

Bobby went northeast while Sadie flew due north.


I left the park half an hour later and spotted Bobby as he flew overhead when I was a few blocks southeast of the park.

It was a nice bonus sighting to cap my visit: