Sunny day Hawks briefly palling around together - January 25th, 2017

We've had lots of rain the last few days so my Hawking was curtailed a bit. Today was a beautiful sunny day and the Washington Square Park Hawks did a lot of sunning when I visited them.

Sadie was on One Fifth Ave when I arrived:

Bobby joined her 25 minutes later:

He left her side after a minute then flew north:


She left her perch a half hour after Bobby had flown away. She went north as well:

I went north to try to find the Hawks and was rewarded with a Bobby spotting as he flew above 5th Avenue and 11th Street.

He was flying not high above the luxury apartment buildings:

He soared about for about 5 minutes then tucked in and dove back to his One Fifth Avenue perch.

Since I was north of the park, he and the 'back' of the building were silhouetted against the sky:

I returned to the park and resumed looking at him from the park:

I only got to watch him for 4 minutes though.

His flight mirrored Sadie's from earlier:

He was off northward again:

I hung around for another 15 minutes before calling it a day.

A mighty Kestrel perched atop one of the Hawks' NYU flag poles:

It flew east after 3 minutes: