Cooper's Hawk visits the park, Bobby and Sadie perch and soar together - February 8th, 2017

A Cooper's Hawk was in one of the northwestern park trees when I arrived at Washington Square Park today:

There's been a Cooper's circling about the park for the last couple of weeks so I had to wonder if this was the same bird.

It flew off its perch after ten minutes then flew north out of the park:

Sadie appeared, circling over the park 20 minutes after the Cooper's Hawk disappeared:

She flew far west, flew along the southern park border, then flew far east from the park.

She and Bobby then appeared circling together over the southeastern corner of the park. They circled and soared for a few minutes before going back east.

I waited a bit for them to return but they were taking a while so I began to leave the park.

I was at the southeastern corner when I noticed Sadie on one NYU flag pole, Bobby on another. They were a few buildings apart from each other but Bobby was manning the northeastern corner while she manned the southeastern corner.



Bobby's happy shake:

I waited and hoped to catch one or both of them hop off their perches but I missed their jumps by milliseconds.

Bobby left his flag pole first, half an hour after I spotted them on their perches:

Both Hawks circled over the library (the location of the nest) before disappearing south from the park:

In case you haven't seen yet, the Hawk Cam is back streaming.