Hawk nest fortification, Sadie flies with a pigeon kill - February 20th, 2017

I spent an hour with the Washington Square Park Red-tailed Hawks today. Sadie was in the nest most of the time, fortifying the nest:

Bobby visited near her most of the time, looking over her:

He moved to one of his high flag pole perches:

Bobby dove off his perch and flew over the nest and on to south of the park:

Bobby returned to the flag pole after several minutes. Sadie chirped loudly as she flew over my head and landed on the building beneath his pole. She's under the green cornice at the corner:

She had a bit of a pigeon kill in her talon. A fellow Hawk-watcher saw her bring a pigeon to the nest Friday but it's impossible to say if this was the same one.

Bobby dove into the nest while Sadie disappeared on me:

He stayed in the nest for a while so I left once it was obvious he was going to hang out there for a bit. The Hawks have been spending more and more time in the nest bowl and edge as they prepare it for this Spring's brood.

Link to the live Hawk cam stream in case you've missed my linking to it before.