Washington Square Hawk mating - February 17th, 2017

I managed to catch Bobby and Sadie Hawks mating today in Washington Square Park. I was starting to get nervous that I might not see them mate this winter.

The first Hawk I saw today was Sadie. The following photos document a little over two hours' worth of Hawk action today.


Bobby joining her:

He landed on her back and mated with her:

Sadie was the first Hawk to leave their perch:

A long Hawkless while passed before Bobby returned, circled the park, then perched a block south of the park:

The busy street below:

Heading west:

Sadie returned to the park several minutes later:

She returned to One Fifth Avenue:

Sunning with her eyes closed:

She must have seen an interloper because she dove off her perch and cried out repeatedly, seemingly chasing something but I never saw her target:

She eventually returned to One Fifth:

Back to her peaceful sunning:

I left her while she was still resting: